Your home page is the window display to your online store. It should tell your story within 3 seconds. 3 seconds is all it takes for a visitor to stay or leave. Your home page should be appealing enough for visitors to want to stay. You want them to walk through the door and take a look around. Our job is to understand what is going to make your guests stay.


Who you are and why would someone be on your website?
The initial welcome or introduction should be short and sweet. This is the time to become the rapper who spits 3 bars and not the writer who writes their dissertation. You should be very keyword specific. Speak to your visitor and audience letting them know right away you have information, product or services they seek.

What is the preferred homepage information hierarchy? Please describe. Example: Stats, Images, Contact information.
What products or services are you offering?
Who is your target (ideal) audience?


What are the goals you wish to accomplish through your website?

What does your visitor do for a living, what are their interests?


What features/functions does your website need to be successful?(Required)
What is your design preference?(Required)


Do you have a logo or mark which identifies you?
If this is a rebrand, list the web pages we must include.
These should be business /organization competitors.
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