Case for Google My Business and Analytics

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Case for Google My Business and Analytics

Google offers many valuable online tools that are free to access with a single login. Google My Business and Google Analytics are great resources for business owners wishing to widen their online audience and improve their SEO marketing efforts.

Look at each one and how they benefit online business owners.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that allows you to manage how your business appears on Google Maps and Search. You can control your business name, hours, and location. It also allows you to monitor and manage customer reviews. You can add photos for your business and learn what keywords visitors are using to find you so you can boost your SEO efforts.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is Google’s free analytics tool and one no business can afford to be without. Wise business owners should not only use GA but should monitor it regularly so they can determine what’s working for them in their marketing efforts and what’s not.

Not merely a statistics program, GA can provide your business with invaluable information about visitors to your website. GA offers two types of data:

Acquisition Data

GA provides information about your users before they ever land on your website. The data includes user demographics such as age range, gender, interests and more. You can learn from this data where your traffic is coming from whether it’s from Google Search, Facebook or another website. This information is immensely useful because it tells you where visitors to your site are spending their time. It can assist you in targeting channels and groups in your marketing efforts.

While acquisition data is static, it still can be an invaluable guide when it comes to creating and amending your market strategies.

Behavior Data

User behavior data is gathered during the user’s visit. Unlike acquisition data, you can influence the data along with the visitors’ behavior with the changes you make to your site. Behavior data from your website can tell you:

  • How long each visitor is spending on your website
  • The first page they visited along with the last page they visited
  • Where your visitors coming from
  • Are they coming from one venue more than the others

Such data can help you target problem areas of your website and help you reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions. Behavior data can help you measure results, guide your marketing strategies and help you to improve and grow your business’s website.

The Difference Between Google My Business and Google Analytics 

GMB provides metrics from within the business page, maps, images, posts and more. 

GA offers dynamic metrics about your business website but can’t provide data about your GMB page because you can’t add tracking code to the page or map displays.

GMB and GA are very different, yes, but they can work together.

Google My Business and Google Analytics: Why Businesses Need Both 

Did you know you can add GA to your GMB account? In connecting the two, you can view GA data about your website and its visitors from within your GMB account. Connecting your GMB and GA is quick and easy.

It’s a powerful partnership allowing you to measure the results of both your business’s Google listing and the metrics from your website. The data from GA can help you change your website to boost conversions. It can also assist with your SEO marketing efforts to draw more traffic in local searches and on Google Search.

All online marketing efforts are tracked and monitored. Allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your device functionality, marketing strategies, user experience, and website content. You can address issues and find solutions.

GA provides you with the data you need to improve your website, GMB page allows your customers to find you.