5 Steps to Creating a Simple Sales Funnel [2/3]

[Part 2 of 3]

Crucial Steps in Creating a Sales Funnel: Create an Outstanding Landing Page

By simple definition, a landing page, sometimes known as a destination page, is a web page that your clients first “land on” after clicking on an SEO search result and other links on marketing emails, online advertisements, etc.

The landing page for your website is the first impression prospective customers will have of your business. The first impression gets no apologies. You have one second, maybe less, to impress your visitor. This means either your page is appealing to your target visitors and they stay, or they leave in a matter of seconds.

A good-looking page will prompt visitors to take action by signing up for your newsletter or subscribe to your website. This simple call-to-action (CTA) will give you crucial contact information about the visitor. 

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Present a Front-end Offer

Present your prospective customers with the opportunity to buy your service or product. Make sure you are providing them with rich and useful content to make informed decisions. 

Information on this page should be essential and interesting; everybody loves eye candy. Quality and authenticity foster trust.

Give and Upsell

Offer customers who just made purchases or are about to buy a service or product the opportunity to upgrade or upside their purchase. For instance, create an offer that will increase the client’s benefit if they upsides. We call this strategy upselling.

It guarantees your clients more substance should they choose to upgrade. It also translates to more income for your business since an upsell entails a more expensive item or a larger service.

Create the Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns are a seamless way to drive up sales for your business. They are essentially life cycle emails, autoresponders, email campaigns, and marketing automation. This strategy includes sending customized pre-written messages, aka “drips,” to your customers and prospects over a certain period.

Some drip campaign examples include:

  • Top of mind drips
  • Welcome drips
  • Re-engagement drips
  • Onboarding drips
  • Competitive drips

Follow Up

The last step for your sales funnel is to keep the momentum. Make a follow-up with all your new customers and ask for feedback to know areas you need to improve on. Strive to ensure they are happy with your products and services.

An excellent way to achieve this is by offering a membership rewards program, e.g., discounts, coupons, and loyalty points to members. This helps you remain consistently in touch with your customer base and gives you a perfect opportunity to inform them about new opportunities.

[Writer’s note] This is the second part of the three-part blog.